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Identifying and solving issues through inspections.

Inspection services ensure the safety and quality of products during the manufacturing process, before delivery and during operation. By inspection, for example, faulty batches of raw materials can be identified before they are further processed.

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Frequent inspection requests

These types of inspections are frequently requested by testxchange. This is just a selection. We support companies daily with many different kinds of inspection requirements.

Inspections of elevators

Passenger lifts often perform their service in buildings for decades. To ensure that this always happens without danger to the persons to be transported, a regular inspection, a so-called periodic inspection, is prescribed in an industrial safety regulation.

Car inspections

In order to drive vehicles in the European Union, these vehicles must be regularly examined for their general technical condition and compliance with environmental requirements due to legal regulations. Road safety is ensured by inspecting the vehicle, because this way, wear and tear or damage to safety-related components can be detected at an early stage.

Your partner for all types of TIC services

We not only help you to find the right service provider for your inspection project, but also support you with certification, testing or calibration projects.


Thanks to certifications, the safety of products is examined and garanteed. For distributing certain products within the European Union, certification through a Notified Body can be required.


When performing a calibration measuring devices are verified for quality assurance and standard adherence and the deviation of a measuring device against another device is determined.


There is a vast amount of tests which every product has to pass before they can be brought to market. The tests range from legal to technical requirements.

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