Upload offers for requests

Upload offer

If you want to submit an offer for a request, you can upload the document directly in your login area at the respective request box. This function is available to you as soon as you are in contact with the client.

To upload a file, just use the button "Upload an offer". In some circumstances, e.g. for larger files, uploading may take a few minutes. Please wait until the file name appears in the box. Then you can complete the process.

Please note that you can upload a maximum of 5 files, each up to 20 MB. As file format we recommend PDF, because this can be viewed comfortably on most browsers.

The customer will be notified by e-mail about your offer and can now download the files (the notification will only be given once for your first offer).

Delete files

You can easily delete uploaded files in the detail view of the request by clicking on the X next to the file name you want to delete.