Product and Material Tests in the Consumer Goods Industry

The products in the consumer goods industry could not be more varied: from food to cosmetics to textiles.

Despite the diversity of products, all companies in the consumer goods industry have one thing in common – a strong focus on customer needs.

Companies today are challenged with increasingly demanding consumers and new competitors entering the market.
It is all the more important that products are produced as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.

Due to the numerous legal requirements for consumer goods, product and material tests are important milestones in any development and production process.

testxchange helps you decrease the time and cost needed to find the right laboratory for your required test. This helps you stay ahead of your competition.

What our clients say

“Making a request to testxchange proved to be easy and uncomplicated. testxchange made the preselection to laboratories, by whom we were contacted.”

Guido Kuhrmann

HID Global GmbH

“We will gladly use testxchange in the future as well, we were offered a top-quality and very good service, and completely free of charge.”

Detlef Schulz


“testxchange is a simple tool to make industrial requests and quickly distribute them to multiple laboratories. This was very uncomplicated and after a short time I received several offers from labs. That's exactly how I had imagined it.”

Tim Hörügel

Iseo Serrature s.p.a.

Frequent tests in the consumer goods industry

HACCP audits

A risk management system for the identification, assessment and control of food safety hazards in the supply chain.

Examination according to REACH

REACH is a regulation of the European Union and specifies a procedure for the analysis of the properties and harmful effects of chemical substances.

A selection of our partner labs

Easily find the appropriate laboratory in our database with thousands of testing providers. Here is an excerpt from our partner labs.

Limbach Analytics GmbH

The DAkkS accredited Limbach Analytics GmbH deals with all microbiological and chemical-physical tests of food, water as well as products and offers assistance with hygiene issues and special issues in the chemical-analytical area.

Application Lab Weber & Leucht GmbH

The Application Lab Weber & Leucht GmbH specializes in the physical and physical-chemical testing of textiles and mainly tests the usability, environmental compatibility and product safety of textile products.

Labor Dr. Böhm

The accredited Labor Dr. Böhm is an authorized inspection body according to §15 paragraph 4 of the Drinking Water Ordinance and in addition to §44 of the Infection Protection Act and examines food and drinking water for pollutants or pathogens.

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