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Internet marketing for testing labs

The direct path to more testing requests.

What is testXchange?

testXchange connects companies outsourcing their test projects with testing labs.

For potential customers we offer a competent and independent lab search service.

For testing labs we are a strong and reliable online distribution channel.

How does testXchange work?

1. A potential customer searches for testing labs online and, via online marketing, finds the lab search service of testXchange.

2. The customer communicates details about the testing project to testXchange.

3. The expert team of testXchange looks for relevant labs for this request and contacts these. (Labs with a registered testXchange profile will be favoured.)

4. If interested, the contacted labs accept the request and, non-bindingly, receive the contact details of the customer.

5. Labs reach out to the customer in order to clarify potential open questions, and send him a testing proposal.

6. The customer decides for a lab which will be mandated to carry out the testing project.

7. After successful completion of the testing project, testXchange will invoice the performing lab a fair commission of 5% of the total order volume for the customer acquisition.

Who operates testXchange?

testXchange was founded in 2016 by Dr. Malte Zur. By now the company has 9 employees - including qualified experts for materials science, material testing and online marketing.

Dr. Malte Zur
Dr. Malte Zur
Founder testXchange

Tel: +49 (0) 30 34 65 581 40

Which labs are already registered on testXchange?

And many more.

Frequently asked questions

How did testXchange find my lab?

We research labs in Germany and internationally on our own initiative, in order to offer a complete catalogue of the best labs in their respective fields. We found your lab as a result of this analysis.

Which obligations arise with a registration on testXchange?

None! Neither costs nor obligations arise from you with a registration. You are welcome to register by way of trial, in order to see, whether a participation is worthwhile for you. We will send you test requests as soon as you register, non-bindingly and without any obligations.

If I want to accept a test request, what are the next steps?

You reach out directly to the customer (email/phone) and clear the details regarding the request. Subsequently you send the customer your proposal. We do not need a copy. If the client mandates you, he will send his order directly to your lab.

I do not want to accept a request. Will I be charged?

No! We work respectably and partner-like with our labs. Only if you accept an offer, we will charge a success commission.

How does the payment of the commission work after a successful test execution?

Great, you received a request via testXchange, completed it successfully and invoiced your client. The test was executed directly between your lab and the customer. You simply let us know the invoice amount and project ID. We will then calculate our commission and send you and invoice. With this, the testing project is finalised.

Are there fee-based services?

Next to our existing lab profiles, we are currently working on premium profiles for labs with significantly expanded functionality. We will happily inform you about prices and features as soon as this becomes available. You can then decide whether you are interested in premium profiles.

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