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LPWA: The low-power, wide-area network technology


What does LPWA mean and what is the significance of LPWA technology for the Internet of Things (IoT)? An overview.

Approvals for products with radio modules in North America and Europe

More and more products with wireless connectivity technology are being developed for both consumers and businesses. What do manufacturers need to consider when launching these products in the EU, the US and Canada?

Smart home product certification and approval


How to ensure that smart home devices with embedded wireless modules meet EU type-approval requirements? Here's an overview.

An overview on Chinese GB standards

To enter and grow in the Chinese market, testing and certification standards can be very important. An overview of Chinese GB standards.

European Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC): what you need to know

What is the European Ecodesign Directive and what is its significance in the EU's effort to protect the environment? Here is an overview.

UKCA marking: how to adapt to new UK requirements


Brexit is also affecting the marking requirements for products in the United Kingdom. An overview of the new UKCA marking.

Which directives apply to consumer electronics in the EU


What are the most relevant EU directives for consumer electronics? An overview.

Role of testing labs and Notified Bodies for PPE


What is the role of a Notified Body in the EU for testing products? Are testing labs and Notified Bodies the same entity?

CCC certification for the automotive industry


What should be considered when it comes to CCC certification of automobiles and automotive components? Which Chinese GB standards are relevant here?

Testing, certification and CE marking of FFP2 masks


Where can manufacturers and importers have their FFP2 respirators certified? And what can distributors do to check the quality of FFP2 mask shipments?

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