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REACH testing: an overview


An overview on the REACH Directive and 4 questions to Dr. Florian Metzelder from lab DTNW.

Why laboratory tests? Basic knowledge for importers and retailers


How can you show your customers or authorities that your products are safe and comply with applicable regulations? An overview of laboratory testing and certification.

Preventing cyberattacks on connected devices


Which cybersecurity standards and directives are currently relevant in the EU? An overview.

Compliance testing for power tools


Power tools have been a significant market for many decades, and the demand for laboratory testing to bring market-compliant products to market is high.

Plug and play? Product compliance of electronic toys


Which laboratory tests are needed to demonstrate the product conformity of electrical and electronic toys? An overview.

Important for electrical safety: the EN IEC 62368 standard


With the DIN EN IEC 62368-1 standard published in 2021, new safety standards apply to audio, video, information and communication technology. We present the standard and its differences compared to the predecessor standards.

Test request checklist: How to save time when looking for a laboratory

Are you a manufacturer, purchaser or importer of products and need certificates, test reports or conformity assessments for market launch? Accredited testing laboratories can help you. We have compiled a small checklist for your test request to help

Qi certification - everything you need to know about wireless charging certification


More and more mobile devices can be charged wirelessly thanks to the Qi standard. Here we explain what this is all about and how manufacturers obtain Qi certification.

LPWA: The low-power, wide-area network technology


What does LPWA mean and what is the significance of LPWA technology for the Internet of Things (IoT)? An overview.

Approvals for products with radio modules in North America and Europe


More and more products with wireless connectivity technology are being developed for both consumers and businesses. What do manufacturers need to consider when launching these products in the EU, the US and Canada?

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