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Most products have to pass a great number of tests before they can enter the market, whether due to legal restriuctions or technical requirements.


Certifications are aimed at ensuring product safety. For distributing certain products within the EU, certification through a Notified Body can be required.


Inspection services ensure the safety and quality of products during the manufacturing process, before delivery and during operation.


Calibrations of measuring devices are used for quality assurance and compliance with requirements. Through calibration, deviations to other devices are detected.

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"We did a dust-test according to an automotive norm. testxchange was the best solution for finding a suitable partner quickly. The personal contact made me feel very confident. Happy to use the service again in future!"

Alexandru-Mihai Tiron

Robert Bosch GmbH

"I needed a lab for our very complex tests. Using testxchange I quickly received a list of suitable labs with free capacities. It really increased our efficiency in this project."

Florian Rumpel

Continental AG

"Finding a test laboratory can be complex and time consuming. With testxchange I can describe my tests and receive offers – quickly and easily. This is how it should work."

Olcay Bükrü

Lanxess Deutschland GmbH

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