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testxchange is the digital platform for industrial testing projects that combines a unique online marketplace featuring over 10,000 laboratories with a modern and digital project management solution.

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Most products have to pass a great number of tests before they can enter the market, whether due to legal restriuctions or technical requirements.


Certification audits test and ensure product safety. In the European Union a CE-certification is necessary to be able to sell a product to consumers.

Pressing the button in the elevator


Inspection services ensure the safety and quality of products during the manufacturing process, before delivery and during operation.

Kalibrierung einer Maschine


Calibration of measuring devices are used for quality assurance and compliance with requirements and detect deviations to other devices.

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With testxchange you can easily find a suitable laboratory for your desired test.

1. Describe testing project

Describe your test. You can enter details about required testing standards and lab accreditations, and upload test specification documents.

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Our testing engineers help you to identify the best qualified labs. We use an international lab database with details on more than 10,000 testing labs.

3. Start your project

Select the preferred offer from several laboratory offers and start the test project. The complete process runs comfortably via the testxchange platform.              

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The import and export of foodstuff is part of many countries' daily routines. As a result, we can find various kinds of fruits like melons, strawberries and raspberries in our supermarkets - even in winter. We can enjoy seafood at different places in the world located far away from the ocean.

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