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Our vision.

“Why is searching for a suitable testing laboratory and completing a testing project often so time consuming?”

Our founder Malte Zur pondered exactly this issue already several years ago. Being an engineer himself, he had completed many testing projects both on the client and the laboratory side and realized that many projects are delayed because testing specifications were not defined clearly, laboratories did not have enough capacity or the communication between the two sides did not work smoothly.

“There must be a better way to do it…”

This is what Malte thought when he founded the company testxchange. His idea: to create a digital platform that helps clients and lab staff complete testing projects while cutting time and financial expenses.

We started off with testxchange back in 2016 and our mission is apparent even in our company name: creating a software platform that improves exchange and collaboration in testing projects.

testxchange users can access all the information about their testing projects at any time and are always informed about the project status. We are proud that we have already been able to welcome more than 10,000 laboratories into our database and more laboratories are joining every day. This lets our clients access a unique and comprehensive lab network which includes detailed information about specific testing methods and technical equipment. As of now, tedious research and delayed testing projects are a thing of the past!

We are very happy that our digital platform is used as the central hub for industrial testing projects in many organizations across industries.

Curious? Try it yourself!

“With testxchange we are revolutionizing the testing industry. We help organizations to reduce time and costs in their testing projects. We see ourselves as an independent partner between purchaser and laboratories.”
Malte Zur Foto
Malte Zur
Founder and CEO

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