China Compulsory Certification

CCC is one of the essential certifications required for various goods before being placed on the Chinese market.

CCC or 3C stands for China Compulsory Certificate, a mandatory certification required for exporting certain products to China. The main components of the initial certification are product testing in China and factory inspection by Chinese inspectors. CCC certificates were introduced in 2002 and apply to both imported and Chinese products. Only products with China Compulsory Certification can be imported, sold or used in China.

Imported goods that do not comply with CCC regulations are confiscated at the border or returned to the sender. Misusing CCC licences or printing the CCC mark on products without certification can also lead to fines and penalties.

China Zertifizierung

Which products require CCC testing?

The Chinese authorities determine which product categories fall under mandatory certification CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) and AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine). They publish a catalogue with a list of the goods concerned, which is updated regularly.

The CCC product catalogue includes these product categories, among others:

  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Circuit switches and fuses
  • Electrical wires
  • Switches for circuits, built-in protection and connection devices
  • Low-voltage equipment
  • Small motors
  • Electrical tools
  • Welding machines
  • Electrical appliances for household and similar purposes
  • Audio and video equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Motor vehicle parts and safety components
  • Motor vehicle tyres
  • Safety glass
  • Telecommunication products
  • Detectors for burglary systems
  • Decorative materials
  • Toys
  • Fire protection products

How do I obtain certification?

The CCC certification process includes extensive documentation, laboratory tests, and operational checks, which takes several months.

The following steps must be taken:

  • Applying for the CCC online and receiving the certification number
  • Preparing your test products and other relevant documentation
  • Samples/products are sent to China, and product testing begin
  • Chinese certification authority sends Chinese personnel to your factory for a first audit
  • Application is accepted/rejected according to the results
  • If your application is accepted, the CCC stickers are ordered, or permission is given to ' mark your products directly with the CCC mark.

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Need China Compulsory Certification?

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