Identify testing requirements

Your challenges

You are responsible for the market access of products. You also decide whether products meet your organisation's standards and can be introduced into new markets without hesitation. You are also responsible for providing evidence to domestic and foreign authorities for specific product requirements.

  • The number of standards is almost unmanageable; there are continuous innovations, updates, and adaptations. It is nearly impossible to keep track of everything.
  • If products do not have the required tests and certifications, a product recall is possible. This is not only very annoying but also costly and can endanger the economic success of your organisation.
  • It is not always easy to identify those laboratories that can carry out the required tests and certifications professionally and at a low price.

How we can help you

Regardless of whether you want to launch your product on the market at home or abroad - we will take care of your testing needs. We take all the necessary steps, depending on your situation: the exact determination of requirements, the laboratory search, the execution of the test, including project management, and the documentation of the results.

  • Our Assistant for Certification & Testing will determine for you step by step what evidence you need to provide to authorities.
  • We help you determine the testing and certification requirements and carry them out at specialised partner laboratories worldwide.
  • A dedicated contact person also accompanies you through the process and supports you with individual questions. You benefit from minimal testing time, immediately available storage capacities and good prices for your tests.

Experienced, reliable, independent, fast. That's what you can expect from us, and this leaves you more time for your other projects!

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