Manage notifications

You can turn email notifications on and off in your general settings, and individually for each of your active requests.

General setting for notifications

The general setting for notifications can be found in your profile settings. You can find these settings in the upper right corner of your dashboard by clicking on your name. Then check or uncheck the corresponding option.

Setting notifications for individual requests

Open the request for which you want to edit notification settings and click on "Email notifications" at the top right.

If you have previously deactivated notifications in your global settings, you must first reactivate them in order to edit the individual settings for your query. To do this, click on the "Turn notifications on" button in the dialog box that appears.

You then have a choice of three options:

All: You will receive notifications about new messages, uploaded documents and other status changes to your request, as well as reminder emails after a longer period of inactivity.

Only important: You will receive notifications of new messages, uploaded documents, and other status changes to your request.

Off: You will not receive any notifications.

IMPORTANT: If you disable the notifications for a request, you may miss important messages and status updates. We recommend that at least one person registered with testxchange in your organization should receive notifications about your requests.