Using lab search

If you are logged out, you will find the lab search on the main page at the top left ("Find laboratories..."). If you are logged in, you will find it in the upper right corner ("Lab search").

Search results

Here you can now search for labs that match certain testing standards, test procedures, materials and much more in the search field. As a user of testxchange PROFESSIONAL, testxchange BUSINESS or testxchange ENTERPRISE you will then see a list of laboratories found. All other users will see the same list, partly in anonymous form, i.e. partly with placeholders of the format "test laboratory in (location)" instead of the laboratory names. By clicking on one of the search results the laboratory profile opens.


You can narrow down your search results with filters. You can find them on the left side of your search results. You can apply the following filters:

  • Lab category
    Here you can choose the category of the lab (eg. if you search for a lab offering industrial testing).
  • Test area
    Here you can limit the test area of the lab (eg. microbiology in the area food).
  • Test methods & services
    Choose here which test method or service the lab should offer (eg. air compressor test).
  • Testing Standards
    Limit the search by the standard the lab has to perform (eg. DIN EN 15308).
  • Country
    Use this filter by searching for a lab in a specific country.
  • Testing accreditations
    Restrict the search if the lab should possess a certain accreditation (eg. DIN EN ISO 17025).
  • Machines & equipment
    This function filters the results for specific machines or equipment the lab should own (eg. climatic chamber).
  • Tested materials & objects
    Here you can restrict the results on materials and objects the lab is able to test (eg. interior material).
  • Authorizations & certifications
    Here you can filter for specific authorizations or certifications the lab has to possess (eg. FCC).

Syntax help and location-based search

You can also input a location in the upper right corner. The search results will then be sorted by distance to this location. The distance to the respective lab can be seen on the right under the lab name. By clicking on the X next to the selected place name in the upper right corner, you can cancel the sorting so that the search results are listed sorted according to relevance.

Lab profile

The lab profile offers different information about the lab. You can view general information on the lab, further specifications of the services, accreditations and testing standards.