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Founded in 1998 as an independent and accredited test lab, CTC advanced GmbH has 20 years of experience in consulting, testing and certification.
We serve customers from nearly any industry, whether it be A like Automotive over B like Battery,
M like Medical Technology and P like Payment to Z like Zigbee.
With our up-to-date test capabilities and our huge range of services and covered standards, we are able to support you with almost any product you can think of. Continuous investments in measuring instruments, advanced training of employees or recently in construction work are saving the market position of CTC advanced for the future. In 2018 we employ around 180 people, who are keen on engineering or administration and we are still expanding.
But CTC advanced provides more than just testing. We are able to support you at every stage of product development. As a member of numerous international bodies and industrial forums, CTC advanced is also actively involved in the international standardization process of technologies. Our service goes far beyond verifying and certifying products. We support customers in setting and evolving the performance during Research and Development, ensuring that products meet expectations for regulatory, quality, health, environmental and safety standards for almost any markets around the world.
Whether if it is product certification or long-term business improvement solutions: CTC advanced helps you to achieve your goals. We know the regulatory hurdles you face before you can launch your product on the market and we offer a wide range of services and solutions to help you in the planning of your product testing and in the complete approval process in these increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market. Our established contacts to national and international authorities provided by our experts in the area surrounding certification, assist you in launching your product within the global market.

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Modern life is unthinkable without data transmission by means of radio waves. The telecommunication market is a dynamic industry which develops at a high pace. High speed digital transmission of data and speech by radio and satellite is of increasing importance in our rapidly advancing global communications network.

Radio communication systems must comply with the technical standards of each country or community. CTC advanced has the necessary know-how, accredited laboratories (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) and state-of-the-art measuring equipment to support the development and compliance testing of electronic devices with integrated radio technology. Our test scope covers many traditional and new radio technologies such as Bluetooth®, Satellite Radio, LoRa, Microwave Radio Relay, SRD, Wi-Fi®, ZigBee and many more.

Beneath Radio testing CTC advanced’s portfolio also includes EMC and Electrical Safety Testing as well as the Type Approval in more than 180 countries to ensure a smooth market access.

CTC advanced offers comprehensive automotive EMC and radio testing as well as environmental simulation and battery testing. Our services are particularly focused on car sub-assemblies and are in accordance with the regulatory directives or tailored to individual requirements of the automotive industry.

Regulatory EMC and Radio testing (including e-mark / E-mark)
Equipment which uses radio technologies or telecommunication devices for car integration must fulfill various standards and schemes depending on the target country referring to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and Radio requirements. CTC advanced offers the current regulatory standards for intended use in cars and vehicles with both EMC and Radio in mind regardless in which country you would like to launch your product.
The ‘e-mark’ is the proof of compliance with the directives set by the European Union (CE). The ‘E-mark’ is based on ECE regulations issued by the Economic Commission for Europe. The testing procedures may only be conducted by laboratories which are accredited by the respective national authorities. CTC advanced is accredited by KBA and SNCH to conduct the EMC tests and issue the technical report for the type approval.

More than regulatory testing – Requirements of the automobile industry
Product liability and risk management play a major part in the automobile industry. In addition to the regulatory testing CTC advanced is able to create specific test plans and conduct the corresponding EMC tests following customized requirements of the automobile industry for the special use, as for example agriculture and forestry or construction machines.

CTC advanced also offers testing services for environmental simulation, specially equipped for the requirements of the automobile industry. In the state-of-the-art battery test centre CTC advanced supports battery and car manufacturers in the safety qualification of high-capacity Li-ion battery systems. Of course Car2x-Communication in not a loanword for us.

Testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a mandatory requirement for any globally launched product with integrated electrical and electronic devices. All electrical equipment must be interference free, able to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic disturbances. EMC applies to all electrical devices or appliances whatever industry or product line your product belongs to. To ensure that electromagnetic emission levels are kept within certain limits the governing bodies of each country/region have set their own EMC requirements that must be met in order to receive an approval to be released to the respective market. CTC advance has the experience and the state-of-the art test facilities to prepare your product for worldwide markets.

Regulatory EMC Testing
CTC advanced offers comprehensive EMC testing services according to the EMC compatibility requirements of Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia, China and Saudi-Arabia. EMC test reports issued by CTC advanced are recognized by official bodies, regulatory agencies and governments throughout the world.

International harmonized standards
•Canada (ISED)
•Japan (VCCI)
•Australia (ACMA)
•China (TMC)
•Saudi-Arabia (SASO)

International Directives and Guidelines
•RE Directive (2014/53/EU)
•EMC Directive (2014/30/EU)
•Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
•In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC)
•UN ECE R10, Rev. 5
•Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for US (FCC) and Canada (ISED)

Besides global EMC compliance testing CTC advanced´s accredited EMC laboratories are fully equipped to conduct various types of customized EMC testing including emissions, immunity, conducted vehicle transients or ESD (electrostatic discharge). Specific EMC performance test procedures can be defined upon customer requests.
Electrical safety is one of the basic requirements your product has to fulfil if you want to place it on the market. Current standards define essential requirements to demonstrate conformity regarding stress tests like mechanical or heat hazards. The IEC/EN standards define the European standards, in addition the CB Scheme presents a global solution for market access to presently (2017) 53 international member bodies. For the US and Canadian market an NRTL approval is required. All those schemes are available at CTC advanced.

For the assessment of products we apply the respective standards, such as EN 62368 (succeeding EN 60950) and the related documents including but by far not limited to EN 62133, which defines safety rules for batteries incorporated in products.

The referring safety tests consist of:
•Energy hazards
•Mechanical and heat hazards
•Radiation hazards
•Chemical hazards

CTC advanced conducts tests like for example:
•Electric strength
•Leakage current
•Resistance to fire
•Protection from electric shock
•Protection from energy hazards
•Physical and constructive requirements
Many products are exposed to environmental influences like vibrations and mechanical impact during their transport or operation. Very often they must also withstand thermal influences, humidity or excessive sun exposure.

Through simulation of changing environmental conditions CTC advanced´s environmental test lab can examine whether components of all kinds meet the necessary conformity requirements regarding safety and working conditions. Environmental tests can be carried out on nearly every industrial material and are important to companies across all sectors, whether Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics or Household appliances.
CTC advanced supports battery and car manufacturers in the safety qualification of high-capacity Li-Ion battery systems.
The safety of lithium-ion batteries, especially for use in electric vehicles and energy storage systems is very important. In particular, the high energy density in form of chemical elements and the usually high electric charge must be controlled, even in extreme situations in order to avoid hazards.
Accreditations for Battery Safety Testing:
•IEC 62133
•IEC 62281
•IEC 60086
•Mechanical Stress
•Electrical Stress
•Climatical Stress
•Artificial Aging
•EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Battery Management System (BMS)
•LVD – Electrical Safety for High Voltage devices in Battery Systems
•Immersion / Flooding
•Recording system to display the test results (Highspeed camera, Infrared video camera, Data recording)
When form factors and lighter weight of Li-Ion battery cells are required the reliability and safety of such battery packs play a major role. CTC advanced supports Assembler of battery packs in the development of safer battery systems, no matter which application area
•UN Transportation Tests
•IEC 62133:2012 (specifying the safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells for use in portable applications)
•UL 1642, 2054
ECE regulations generally refer to a set of internationally agreed common technical regulations for motor vehicles as well as for parts and equipment of these. The ECE R100 provides uniform provisions concerning the approval of battery propelled vehicles and the electric powertrain. CTC advanced´s test center for high capacity battery systems is able to perform the various test cases acc. to ECE R 100 extensively.
CTC advanced is designated by the KBA (Kraftfahrt Bundesamt) as technical service provider for ECE R 100 and carries out testing in their highly equipped battery test center and supports its customers with the KBA approval handling.
It is essential to ensure that mobile communication devices do not have harmful effects on health due to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. CTC advanced provides EMF – the measurement of electromagnetic fields, testing of HAC (Hearing Aid compatibility) as well as SAR, testing of the specific absorption rate.
Besides the contribution to safeguard radiation protection compliance, CTC advanced supports the Medical Industry with expert consulting, testing and certification solutions to ensure that your product meets the required quality, health, environmental and safety standards for a smooth market access.
HAC testing involves measuring the magnetic and electric field produced by a phone to ensure it does not interfere with the sound quality of a hearing aid. HAC testing was originally introduced in late 1970’s with the purpose of making it possible to couple a wired telephone with a hearing aid. Nowadays, these requirements have been extended to wireless devices.

HAC for mobile phones
•ANSI C63.19 (required by FCC for US market)
•M-Rating and T-Rating (to assist hearing aid users in finding wireless devices
which are compatible with their hearing aids)
•DASY5 test system •RF interference measurements according to ANSI C63.19, E-field emission and H-field emission.
•Audio frequency measurements according to ANSI C63.19, T-Coil signal amplitude, T-Coil frequency response and T-Coil signal to noise measurement.

HAC for telecommunication equipment
•FCC: CFR 47 FCC Part 68 (USA)
•ISED: IC CS-03 Part V (Canada)
•AS/ACIF S040 (Australia)
•ETS 300 381 (Europe)
•ETS/ES 200 381-1

Whether you are in banking, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, security or other areas, Smart Card Technology is a fast-growing market which has become common place in our culture and daily lives.
As a leading and independent full service provider for SmartCard, RFID and NFC related solutions, CTC advanced’s SmartCard Technologies Competence Center offers a wide range of services to implement the type approval process for mobile payment applications, ICC cards, wearables and terminals.

Banking, Mobile Payment & mPOS Solutions
American Express
DK-Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft

Electronic Health Cards

ePassport, nPA

CTC advanced offers Type Approval Testing, Pretest / Debug Testing and Consultancy for the above mentioned smart technologies. CTC is a holder of various accreditations and is able to serve various test schemes. Last but not least CTC advanced is active member in standardization activities, such as the ETSI, NFC Forum, GlobalPlatform, NEXO, EMVGTA, GCF or GSMA.

CTC advanced is accredited for the testing of sound system equipment, voice performance and acoustic safety requirements, amongst others specializing in the testing of hearing aid electro-acoustic measurements. The state-of-the-art test lab including fully- and hemi-anechoic chamber, audiology room and audiology booth are equipped with professional measurement analyzers, microphones and audio sources. CTC advanced’s scope of acoustical measurements includes following testing services. Further tests can be carried out on demand, don’t hesitate to contact our acoustic experts with your special request.

Hearing Aid Electro-Acoustic and EMC Measurements
•IEC/EN 60118-0 ed. 3.0
•NSH 7th edition (Nordic Requirements)
•NSH 7.0 Annex A
•IEC 60118-0 ed. 2.0 + am1 ed. 2.0
•IEC 60118-1 ed. 3.1
•IEC 60118-2 ed. 2.0 + am1 ed. 2.0 + am2 ed. 2.0
•IEC 60118-6 ed. 2.0
•IEC 60118-7 ed. 2.0
•IEC 60118-13 ed. 4.0
•IEC 60118-13 ed. 3.0
•ANSI C63.19 clause 6
•AS/NZS 1088.9

Voice Quality
•PESQ, TOSQA and S-/N-/G-MOS tests
•Subjective analysis of speech using 3-QUEST
•EN 300175-8
•CAT-iq 2.0
•EG 202737
•EG 202738
•EG 202739
•EG 202740
•3GPP TS 26131/ 3GPP TS 26132 (ETSI TS 126131/ ETSI TS 126132)
•GSMA HD Voice
•TBR 10
•AS/CA S004

Acoustic Safety Requirements
•EG 202518
•UL 60950 -1 Annex NAD
•IEC/EN 62368-1 clause 10.6
•IEC/EN 60950-1 Am. 12 clause Z.x
•EN 50332-1
•EN 50332-2

Sound Power Measurements
•ISO 3744
•ISO 3745

Anyone who wishes to launch products successfully into local or international markets needs the correct authorizations. In many cases compliance conditions for particular markets differ from country to country.
CTC advanced can help you to manage the conformity processes all around the world – whether it is the United States, the European Union, Asia Pacific or elsewhere. With our extensive global accreditations, recognitions and worldwide contacts with decisive authorities, we are familiar with the standards, directives and access requirements in any market you target.

Testing Standards Accreditations

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by DAkkS

Supported Testing Standards


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