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There are plenty of different tests available. Many products have to comply with global testing standards and legal regulations to ensure product quality and safety, smooth functionality and reduce risks for users and suppliers.

Hence, there are many different types of tests that all products need to pass through before they can be released to the market.

With testxchange you can find the right laboratory for your tests.

Frequent tests

This is a short selection of tests which are requested regularly at testxchange. We support companies for many different kinds of testing.

Material tests

Material tests can be used, for example, to check whether the material is suitable for the intended use, and to ensure that it has the necessary strength or electrical properties.

Environmental tests

Testing the influence of environmental conditions on material that is used for producing vehicles.

EMC tests

EMC tests are used to examine whether electronic systems are operating or interfering with other electronic devices. They are also used to test if electromagnetic emissions have any negative influence on the operation of the electronic system.

Your partner for all types of TIC services

No matter whether you are searching for a service provider for certifications, calibrations or inspections. We help you to find the perfect partner for your project.


Thanks to certifications, the safety of products is examined and garanteed. For distributing certain products within the European Union, certification through a Notified Body can be required.


When performing a calibration measuring devices are verified for quality assurance and standard adherence and the deviation of a measuring device against another device is determined.


Inspection services help provide security and quality during the manufacturing process, prior to delivery and during operation.

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