test + exchange: the meaning of the testxchange logo

What is the meaning of our company name and our logo?


test and exchange: exchange about industrial testing and more via one simple online platform

The name testxchange consists of the terms test and exchange. test stands for industrial testing. From mechanical tensile tests to microbiological laboratory analyses, almost any testing service can be requested on testxchange. exchange, on the other hand, refers to the exchange between test laboratories on the one hand and buyers on the other. The testxchange platform not only initiates thousands of contacts between these two sides every year. The exchange also takes place directly on the platform. Test laboratories and clients can not only exchange information via chat, but also upload and download documents such as test specifications and offers, so that the complete communication together with all test projects is clearly bundled and archived in one place. This means that every test and every exchange can be conveniently viewed at any time - on testxchange. The exchange between laboratories and clients is symbolized by the blue-black x in the testxchange logo. Moreover, test at testxchange today includes much more than "just" industrial tests. Certifications, inspections and calibrations can also be requested via the platform, so that a lively and productive exchange can also take place with the service providers specialised in these fields.

the "x" in the testxchange logo