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  • TEA AG

    Wetzikon, Switzerland Verified

    Herzlich willkommen bei der TEA AG in Wetzikon – wir sind Ihr professionelles Team mit Erfahrungen aus mehr als 5000 Untersuchungen in den Bereichen Industrie-Elektronik, Militär und Konsumprodukte. Wir sind ein nach ISO/IEC 17025 akkreditiertes Unternehmen für Umweltsimulation und Materialuntersuchungen. Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich.

  • Statech Systems AG

    Eschenbach, Switzerland Verified

    Beurteilungen / Expertisen / Material- und Produktinspektionen / Validierungen Materialprüfungen können in den Laborräumlichkeiten von STS oder direkt bei Ihnen vor Ort durchgeführt werden. Sie reichen vom einfachen Schnelltest bis zu ausführlichen Labormessungen unter kontrollierten Umgebungsbedingungen. Alle Prüfungen sind nach ISO/IEC 17020 akkreditiert. Zum wichtigsten Dienstleistungsangebot gehören: Nachweis der Normkonformität Ein Konformitätsnachweis schafft Vertrauen in Ihr Pr…

  • Unifil AG Filtertechnik

    Niederlenz, Switzerland Verified

    Wir sind ein Filterprüflabor für Luftfilter im Bereich der allgemeinen Lüftungsanlagen. Das Spektrum reicht von Filter für Wohnungslüftungen hin über Lüftungsanlagen für Industrie- und Bürogebäude bis zu Hocheffizienten Filter, Schwebstofffilter für Reinräume und Spitäler. Diese Filter werden sowohl in der Zuluft als auch Abluft oder Umluft eingesetzt. Bekannte Typen sind namentlich Grobstaubfilter, Feinstaubfilter und die hocheffizienten Schwebstofffilter, welche nach den Gruppen EPA, HEPA und…

  • SPF Testing

    Rapperswil, Switzerland Verified

    Prüflaboratorium für Anlagen und Komponenten zur Bereitstellung von Wärme im Gebäudebereich sowie für Prüfungen der Beständigkeit und der optisch-thermischen Eigenschaften von Aussenbauteilen Testing laboratory for systems and components for the provision of heat in the building sector as well as for testing the durability and the optical-thermal properties of exterior components

  • MessX AG

    Rorschach, Switzerland Verified

    Wir sind ein unabhängiges, eigenständiges Schweizer Unternehmen für Messdienstleistungen im Bereich der Computertomografie (CT), einem Fachbereich der industriellen Messtechnik. Mit unseren Top-Dienstleistungen ermöglichen wir Ihnen, Kosten und Zeit innerhalb Ihrer Entwicklung und Ihrer Produktion zu sparen und eine sorgfältige, zuverlässige Qualitätsprüfung Ihrer Produkte zu gewährleisten. Mit unserem Equipment und unserer technologischen Infrastruktur sind wir die Nummer 1 in der Schweiz. Auf…

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About testing labs in Switzerland

Woman checks material in test bench

Switzerland is not only traditionally known for manufacturing high-precision watches. Many other branches of industry, including cosmetics companies and food manufacturers, among them world market leader Nestlé, also have their headquarters here. Thus, the demand for specialised testing laboratories is high in Switzerland. These include, for example, materials labs and food labs, but also pharmaceutical and medical labs. More than 40 testing labs in Switzerland are organised in the Association of Swiss Laboratories (Swiss Testing Labs). In addition, the Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs BLV designates 21 National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) in the field of food and nutrition. Among other things, these testing laboratories coordinate the information search between the cantonal laboratories in Switzerland and the network of EU reference laboratories (EU-RL).

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  • Submitting a request on testxchange proved to be easy and uncomplicated. testxchange made a suitable pre-selection, so that we were then contacted by suitable laboratories.
    Guido Kuhrmann, HID Global HID Global
  • Shortly after submitting a request on testxchange, a proficient and competent expert called me and gave me the feeling that my testing project is in good hands. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by a suitable laboratory.
    Sascha Jazbinsek, Sumolight GmbH Sumolight GmbH
  • testxchange is a great tool to make industrial testing inquiries and distribute them quickly to several laboratories. After a short time I received several offers. That's exactly what I had imagined.
    Tim Hörügel, Iseo Serrature s.p.a. Iseo Serrature s.p.a.
  • The search for a suitable laboratory can be very time-consuming. With testxchange, it was enough to enter some information; I was approached by laboratories, who immediately understood the requirements and could submit a proposal.
    Waltraud Schön, ADK Modulraum GmbH ADK Modulraum GmbH

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    The basic functions of testxchange are available to FREE users free of charge. As a PROFESSIONAL user, the full range of functions is available to you for 159 € per month (annual billing) or 199 € per month (monthly billing).

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    testxchange assures confidentiality and the secure processing of your data: our webpage is encrypted with SSL, and your personal contact information is only transmitted to our partner laboratories which have agreed to our terms & conditions and privacy guidelines.

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    You first send us your requirements for the testing project via our online form. You can provide detailed information about the test, the tested object and the organizational core points of the project as well as upload files for the test specification. Our experts will then review your request. As a FREE user, you will receive an offer as soon as a suitable lab has been found for your inquiry. As a PROFESSIONAL user, you can use the testxchange lab search to search for and request lab yourself. As soon as you have decided on an offer, order the test.

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  • Which labs can I find with testxchange?

    A very large selection of labs which offer industrial testing. We have access to the international testxchange lab database which has the details of thousands of labs all over Europe and beyond. Included are e.g. all DAkkS accredited labs in Germany, the majority of industrial labs in the UK and France and a large number of labs in Eastern Europe. For most of the labs we have current data of their supported tests, available machines and capacity. On this basis, we can ensure a high rate of success in the process of finding and mandating appropriate labs.

  • Can I send further requirements or documents for the specifications of the testing project to the requested labs?

    After submitting your request, you can further specify your requirements for the testing project or upload documents that you would like to make available to the labs. You can give details of the test you want, the object to be tested and other information.

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